Quiet Enjoyment (eBook)

Quiet Enjoyment (eBook)

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One thing is desperately needed by everyone. 
But people don't ask for it.
Because they don't think they can have it.
Be the one to bring it to them.

Bring security with privacy to your networks and your life.

The solution to the Internet's problems - spam, malware, botnets, predation, fraud is available, but it cannot be deployed the way technology has historically been deployed.

This book is for thought leaders and entrepreneurs who are interested in a new way of doing things that will reshape security and privacy in our information infrastructure. The technologies involved include public key infrastructure (PKI), authentication methods, identity management, and much more. One chapter addresses each of the ten historical difficulties faced by PKI, as cited by Schneier and Ellison in their famous paper, and the specific way in which the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure (QEI) addresses each of those concerns.

"Quiet enjoyment" is the legal term for what a building occupant has a right to expect in any jurisdiction in the world: a manageable space where people can work or play in peace and security.

By designing, building, and managing habitable online spaces using the same methods and procedures that are used with physical real estate, and with PKI "construction materials," InDoor® online facilities can be places of quiet enjoyment.

In this book you'll learn how the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure applies the methods and procedures of commercial real estate, along with public key technology, to give us what we need from our online spaces.

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463 pages, indexed