The Authenticity Alliance Individual Membership OLD 2

Silibandia thinks they own you.

(Silibandia = Silicon Valley + the broadband and media industries)

Show them they're wrong.

Join others who want to take back ownership of their digital selves by becoming a member in the Individual Membership section of the Authenticity Alliance.  Membership includes:

  • Your PrivacyPEN® – your key to a system that lets you control the use of information about yourself
  • Your choice of one of four books about PKI Done Right, aka Authenticity™
  • An online village where people are both anonymous and accountable
  • Opportunities to participate in the coming Authenticity Economy
  • Eligibility to participate in the governance of the Authenticity-enabled information infrastructure that will save us all from the ravages of ransomware, digital fraud and theft, malware, etc. Your Osmio VRD credential will enable you to participate in Osmio's various commissions.
  • Newsletters and more