Individual Membership in the Authenticity Alliance OLD

Join the Authenticity Alliance as an individual member, either as an interested observer or as a participant in a community of users who, like you, can see the growing threats to our information infrastructure and want to be part of the solution.

We're building a whole environment called Authentiverse that delivers REAL privacy for you, REAL accountability from others you encounter online, and REAL security for everyone.

Membership includes:

    • Your OSMIO ID Pair identity certificate and accompanying Privacy PEN
    • Your choice of ebook:
    • Monthly newsletter with updates, news, and commentary on the developing Authenticity-enabled world of Authentiverse
    • Knowing that you're on the right side of history in fixing the scourge of INAUTHENTICITY and bringing AUTHENTICITY to the world's information infrastructure

    Plus, as Authentiverse is developed:

    • Access to facilities in Authentiverse and its villages (access will be governed by the facility owner)
    • A clubhouse for your own group of friends, colleagues, and followers