The Authenticity Alliance Charter Opportunity (TAACO)

Join the Authenticity Alliance.

Get the TAACO WebWallet™ and other valuable benefits.

Help us bring real privacy and real security to the world’s information infrastructure.

What you will get

The TAACO Wallet™

Your initial TAACO WebWallet™ Version 0.9 is compatible with Firefox on Windows and Mac, configurable for PrivacyPENs® that let you

  • Authenticate (login) to any website – secured by your PrivacyPEN®, NOT a master password that can be stolen
  • Digitally sign office documents (PDF, MS Office, LibreOffice, etc.) so that everyone knows they came from you and that not a single bit was changed since you signed it
  • Digitally sign emails

As a Charter Member you will receive free upgrades to your WebWallet™ as they are developed:

  • Digital signing of images, videos, and other types of files
  • Support for the Chrome browser
  • Support for Linux
  • One IDQA (Identity Quality Assurance) upgrade
  • Upgrade to the TAACO PhoneWallet™

Books from PKI Press: one book initially, then one every 6 months

  • For monthly paid or participation membership: Ebooks
  • For annual paid membership: Print books

Choice of courses at Authenticity University: One course initially, then another course every three months

White Papers

Free white papers on Authenticity™ subjects

Secure Social Venues

A residence in the under-construction online community Authenticity Village™


Monthly newsletter

$6.00 monthly or $50.00 annually


A limited number of memberships are available to those who commit to paying with their time and attention, rather than money, by participating in The City of Osmio’s governance commissions. The commissions are just getting started, but we expect the required commitment to be an average of two hours per week. Member participation is a critical and valued contribution to advancing development and awareness of this movement to rebuild our world’s information infrastructure. After joining, we will contact you with more information.