The PKIDR Wallet™


Your PKIDR™ Wallet consists of two parts which, working together, deliver the PRIVACY and SECURITY
you've been waiting for.

FIRST PART:  Your PKIDR™ Wallet App keeps the keys to your private world inside a very secure vault
that's built into newer iPhones and Android phones. You can use your phone to log in to any site on any device (laptop, tablet, etc.)


SECOND PART:  Your PKIDR™ Wallet Cloud – your own cloud where you keep all your information locked
away from the prying eyes of Silicon Valley, the broadband and media industries, and other snoopers and thieves.

In your PKIDR Wallet (App + Cloud), all your information is encrypted. Not only that, but the PKIDR Wallet 
turns it into you personal intellectual property, which you release to your bank, insurance company, etc., only
under a license from you. Then it's illegal for them to share it with anyone without your explicit permission!

Currently the PKIDR Wallet App is offered as a browser-based app; the phone version will be available soon.