Don't Get Norteled (eBook)

Don't Get Norteled (eBook)

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Security technology is today's bloodletting.
Like bloodletting, it doesn't work!

This breach caused 1000 times the $250 million
losses of the Equifax incident
Security technology is not working. Without measurably reliable identities and accountability, your door is wide open to nefarious action by intruders and inside bad actors. Read how the unthinkable happened to a multi-billion-dollar company that spiraled into bankruptcy because of a shockingly elementary — and preventable — breach.

So ask yourself: Is it possible to determine the intentions and character of the sender of a stream of bits? Isn't that like asking your building's receptionist to determine the intentions and character of everyone who walks through the door?

Of course you wouldn't do that. Instead, you would have the receptionist issue a badge identifying who is responsible for what happens while they're in the building. It's not about guard dogs and razor wire, it's about accountability.

If your company is relying upon firewalls and intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems and antimalware and security event monitoring and similar stuff, it's relying upon the assumption that you can determine the intentions and character of the sender of a stream of bits.

In Don't Get Norteled you'll learn why identity is at least as important as identity management, and you'll learn how to implement a system of pervasive digital signatures from measurably reliable identity credentials.

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